Four Hours In, Ford Probe Leads

We've seen quite a few lead changes during the early hours of the Southern Discomfort '10 LeMons, but the BoomPow Surprise Probe now holds a strong 5-lap lead over the second-place car.


For much of the morning, the Team Top Gear 200SX held the first position, but the incredible lameness of their costumes (that 6' 2" guy between "James May" and "The Stig" is supposed to look like Richard Hammond) caused their transmission to fail a while back. Meanwhile, the Probe looks to be the quickest car on the track, while also being driven very well. We gave this car 100 BS laps at the LeMons South Fall '09 race, but this time around we became convinced that their apparent cheatiness was actually a case of very clever homegrown engineering. Will their cheat-tainted rep get them the People's Curse tomorrow? Will the Mazda-ness of their machine keep it from breaking? Check in later to find out!

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