Owners of four foreign-made cars parked in a suburban Detroit shopping center found their tires slashed and the words "Buy USA" scrawled on the windows. Merry Carpocalypse.

Four cars in the Michigan city of Woodhaven were the victims of vandalism targeted at owners of foreign-made cars, including a 2009 Toyota Camry almost certainly assembled in the company's Georgetown, Kentucky plant. Though no one has been arrested in connection with the attacks, highly circumstantial evidence points to distressed autoworkers.

First, the choice of target and the use of the words "Buy USA" gives a fairly clear indication of motive. Second, the incidents took place near a Ford stamping plant. Finally, a middle-aged man driving a red Ford Escape was reportedly seen doing the deed. Of course, it could be anyone.

This event covers stage five (jingoism) and stage three (anger) of the five emotional stages of the Carpocalypse. With prayer already covered, clearly only rioting is left.


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