Four-Door Bugatti Galibier 16C Live, And In The Insanely Expensive Metal Flesh

The Bugatti Galibier debuted in Los Angeles last week before a crowd of people wealthy enough to care. The photos finally reveal proportions of the front-mounted W16 super saloon concept. Also, the photographer managed to snag some "baby" Bugatti "news."


The photos of the new more-expensive-than-a-Veyron-if-it's-ever-made Bugatti four-door concept were taken by jmk911 from the Luxury4Play forum who did this bit of reporting:

The Bugatti folks spent time with many of the guests and asked for our feedback. Besides discussing the Galibier, I breached the subject of a likely "more economical" sports car in line below the Veyron. His response was such that I am guessing they have been working on this for a while. Fingers crossed!

So the baby Bugatti lives?



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