Four Chevy Colorados Plowed Into Each Other En Route To A Launch Party

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GM can't catch a break getting the 2015 Chevy Colorado and 2015 GMC Canyon launched. Damn shame, because they're both awesome to drive. But it looks like four of the first batch have already destroyed each other in a domino-style pile-up on the way to a party in St. Louis.

St. Louis Today says a procession of the trucks left the Wentzville, MO factory they're built at for the St. Louis Hollywood Casino on Wednesday, but couldn't get there before four vehicles were wrecked and one driver was taken to the hospital with "minor injuries."


As Missouri State Trooper J.J. Sanchez's incident report reads; "vehicle 1 struck the rear of vehicle 2, causing vehicle 2 to strike the rear of vehicle 3. Vehicle 3 swerved, and vehicle 2 continued and struck the rear of vehicle 4." Sheesh guys, what happened to that collision pre-warning tech?

Vehicles 1, 2, and 4 were Colorados, 3 was a Canyon. Two of the trucks were totaled, the other two drove off and thankfully no serious injuries were reported. That would suggest those airbags are working... which is good, I guess.

Hat tip to Kevin K!

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