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The PR machine's on the spin cycle in NASCAR-land today, what with Jack Roush saying that his grumpiness about the France family's decision to limit the amount of cars run by a single owner to four was misrepresented:

I never made the statement they attribute to me, Roush said. I may have used those words at some point in my life, but not in that order and not in this context. They called and said they wanted a comment, and they read one to me. I said, No, I don t feel at all that way. I m not going to say that. But they put it in the announcement, anyway. They said it was a computer glitch. Maybe they need to reboot.

Meanwhile, the latest speculation is that the rule might have come about in anticipation of Toyota's entry into Cup competition. After all, we can't have those wily Japanese coming in and dominating this most 'Merican of sports, can we?

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