Found On Ebay: I'm Pretty Sure That's A... What?

Yesterday, Doug mentioned that someone criticized him for buying his Ferrari instead of building it. Take note, this is what happens when you try to build your own Italian supercar.

"Just built, very good condition all round. Registered, mod plates, roadworthy certificate.This car is based on a 300ZX sp it comes with great handling"


An Ebay seller in Australia has this Reventon kit car for sale with a Buy It Now price of 45k AU (aprox. 42k USD). I know all of you in the US are very sad that this is a right-hand-drive car. But hey...he did upgrade the turbos!


I have to say that the nose and hood are really not bad, but once you get to the wheels then it starts to fall apart a bit. He was very wise to park it next that Dodge Caliber in the lead image.

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