Forza Horizon 2 Will Let You Bomb Around The Hills Of Southern France

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The best video game of 2012 that focused on music festivals and street racing set in Colorado had to be Forza Horizon. It was so popular that there's a follow up coming for XBOX ONE and XBOX 360. Except this time they're going to France. What's the festival scene like there?

Forza Horizon was a divisive game when it came out. On one hand, there was beautiful scenery and cars. Oh, and an open world driving game that was finally fun. But the other hand had strange physics and a weird music festival central story that I still don't quite understand. And I'm not a stupid as I look. Still, it was a fun game if you took it for what it was.


The announcement of Forza Horizon 2 won't really help to assuage any of the haterade that some of y'all drank when the first one came out. There is still a music festival, but this time it's set in Southern France, which means unreal driving road awesomesauce. Horizon 2 is being developed by the same folks behind Horizon, so we can expect a lot of the same gameplay attributes.

What we are being promised is hundreds of cars (the Lamborghini (Rock You Like A) Huracan is the headline car), changeable weather, and a development of Forza 5's brilliant Drivatar Smart AI system.


Get ready to go to the French music festival of your dreams/nightmares in the fall.