Forward 'Til Death: Formosa Automobile to be Assemblin', Rebadgin' Skodas!

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And the Maximum Skoda Day madness rolls on with reports outta Taiwan that GM Daewoo partner Formosa Automobile will shortly be bailing on its deal with the world's largest automaker and its Korean subsidiary and strike up a match with none other than Skoda. Formosa plans to build and sell around rebadged 1.4L Fabias under its own brand, beginning next year. Meanwhile, they're already shifting the Skoda units, projecting 3,500 in sales this year. That may not sound like much, but when they're building 250 DAF trucks and commanding a 10% market share with that number, it really brings the geographic smallness of the island industrial titan home.

Formosa Automobile to Assemble Skoda Cars in Taiwan in 2007 [TMCnet]

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