ForTwo If By Sea: The SMART Cars Are Coming! The SMART Cars Are Coming!

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It's a lilliputian car invasion of epic proportions! The picture above and one more below the jump were snapped, camera phone style, by reader Keith Cody of this Port Hueneme, CA loading dock where he spotted a large fleet of small cars ready and waiting to take all sorts of people-sans-luggage (note the plural) or person-with-luggage (note the singular) on trips whereby the need not drive on the highway for too long. Now that there's a distribution deal penned with Penske, and even spy photos of the '08 model — we guess it makes sense they'd be bringing over more '07's for sale — though these ones are probably still coming in by request of the third-party import crowd — and not by means of the new distro deal which is supposed to be for sales in '08.

This image was lost some time after publication.

US Mercedes Dealers: Nein! Keine Smart!; Spy Photos: More on the 2008 Smart Fortwo [internal]

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