Formula One's Nico Rosberg Would Like To Show You His Balls Of Steel

Silver Arrows? Perhaps Silver Huevos is a better name. Here’s Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg outbraking Williams’ Valtteri Bottas at the chicane during today’s Formula One Japanese Grand Prix. You’re welcome.

Rosberg started on pole, but was also receiving a pretty intense shoulder massage right before the start of the race. Perhaps that explained Rosberg’s miserable start, where he dropped back down to fourth position as Hamilton jumped ahead in front.


Maybe that flipped on insane mode in Rosberg’s brain. This pass for third place was one of the best moments in an otherwise mundane race for the front of the field. Mercedes was back on form today, with Rosberg later jumping ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel when Vettel came in for a pit stop. Mercedes then took a 1-2 finish, with Hamilton winning and Rosberg in second.

Hamilton now has 41 Formula One victories, which is the same number of wins as one of his role models: Ayrton Senna. Sebastian Vettel currently has 42 victories.

Hamilton’s closest rival this season, once again, is his teammate. Hamilton extends his lead after today’s race and could finish second to his teammate for the rest of the season and still win the world driver’s championship, per F1 Fanatic. He sits at 277 points, with Rosberg 48 points behind with 229. However, that doesn’t mean that Rosberg is giving up hope for a championship.

“I had to win today, you know, that was important, but it didn’t work out,” said Rosberg in the post-race podium interview. “So I just need to try and win the next time out.”

Maybe Nico’s beast mode will turn on earlier next time. Maybe Hamilton’s car will break. Maybe they’ll both surprise us all and retire mid-season for no reason whatsoever. Who knows?

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He’s should be glad the other driver wasn’t his team mate - or french...