Formula One Will Award Double Points In Season Finale Starting In 2014

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In a move that is in no way reminiscent of NASCAR, the FIA has now announced that Formula One will award double points in its season finale starting in 2014. But it doesn't matter. Vettel will still win.

The F1 strategy group met in France today and, without any debate or anything, the F1 finale will be worth double points. It's another move meant to stir interest in F1 that will piss off the purists, just like DRS and KERS has made them all mad.

So what will that change? Well, if Vettel has a season in 2014 like he did in 2013, he would have had to wait an extra week to win the championship, but it still would have been settled before the season finale.


I think this is a supremely stupid move. It cheapens the rest of the season and is more theatrics than legit. If a team runs away with the championship, so be it. Don't change the rules because of it.

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Typically stupid F1 rule. Make the rules so there's less mechanical and more aero grip - so the cars can't overtake. Then add false overtaking aids.

Then distort the results by giving some teams extra money wherever they place. It's all arse about face.

Solution. Ditch 70% of aero, make the tyres huge, pay every team an equal baseline with extra cash for points, lock Sebastian Vettel in a cupboard for at least 5 weekends a year