Formula One Isn't The Only Series That Throws Sparks

Formula One may be throwing sparks with its titanium skid plates this year, but let’s not think that the pinnacle of stock car racing doesn’t have its own car-mounted fireworks display. When the second “big one” hit at Daytona, Kyle Larson and Carl Edwards put on a spectacular show as they scraped the track.

That rear-ender looked insane. Here’s how the chaos looked from inside Edwards’ car:


Carl Edwards is having a really lousy day. Before he got rear-ended hard by Brian Scott in this pile-up, he got loose on his own, testing out some of the newly paved runoff areas, tapping the wall and losing position. Edwards was in 13th position at the time, but nope! To the back of the pack with you, good sir.

Needless to say, today’s Coke Zero 400 has been punctuated by periods of yellow flags, not all of which involve Carl Edwards. Love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s an insane spectacle to watch.


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How about those fireworks ending the race? Glad it looks like no one was hurt.