Formula One Is Infinitely Better In 8-Bit

GIF via Formula 1

The 2016 Formula One season didn’t elicit the most exciting descriptions, with “like watching paint dry” and “the Mercedes parade” being the two I hear most often. When you skip all the boring stuff and put the highlights into a clever 8-bit cartoon, however, it’s pretty great.

Everything from Ricciardo’s humiliating Monaco pit stop to Daniil Kvyat being called a “torpedo” is lovingly lampooned in this video. Naturally, the highlights of the season also make the cut, including Verstappen’s youngest ever F1 race win and the nerve-wracking teammate battle for the championship between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season.

Screencap via Formula 1
Screencap via Formula 1

All we have to say is, “Bwoah.” I’d spend all afternoon playing this if we could.

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Woah... I know Liberty Media is a thing now and all, but something’s off here. This is way the hell too self aware and topical to be official F1 thing. Somebody must have hacked them and replaced the video of slow cut cars-going-over-kerbs montages that they had released with this instead.