Formula One coming to New Jersey in 2013

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Formula One, the international motorsport that has struggled mightily to gain a foothold here in the United States wherein their open-wheel cars make both left and right turns, is officially coming to New Jersey in 2013. Yo, Pauly D's totally gonna try to jump Tamara Ecclestone, right?


We first heard rumors that an F1 race was heading to the New York area last year. But we didn't really start hearing that strong techno bass beat from the rumor-mill until this August.

Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that an announcement will come on Tuesday that a new race — the Formula One Grand Prix of America — will take place in June 2013 on a road course mapped out in Weehawken and West New York along the Hudson River. With a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.

Although the Formula One currently has a 19-event calendar, the last U.S. race took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway way back in 2007.

But, this won't be the first 'merican Formula One race. As you surely remember, last May, F1 announced a plan to return to the U.S.


The Formula One Grand Prix of America will be held in November 2012 at a $250 million purpose-built racetrack in Austin, Texas. That means the Grand Prix in New Jersey will be the second U.S. race on the 2013 calendar.


Xander, Proud of BOXER

We should have three Grand Prixs, especially considering how large of a country we are.

How about one on the east coast, one in the middle, and one on the west coast. Bernie's got the first two down, so next up they should plan a race at Long Beach or Infineon.