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Texas Taxpayers Fork Over $25 Million To F1

Illustration for article titled Texas Taxpayers Fork Over $25 Million To F1

We already told you the United States Grand Prix move to Texas is all about the money. Except now we've learned the $25 million in taxpayer dollars supposedly going to local governments is actually going straight into Formula 1's pockets.


The announcement that the US Grand Prix is coming to Austin, Texas shocked observers and insiders alike, all wondering how the event would be paid for. Our exclusive reporting showed the event would rely heavily on state funds, with the state's "Major Event Trust Fund" offering up to $25 million in funds.


Money in this fund was initially supposed to go to local governments, but a rewrite last year by the Texas Legislature to the state law dictating how the fund can be used allowed the State Comptroller's office to do whatever it needs to do for "attracting and securing eligible events."

This means the money for local governments to improve infrastructure is going to pay the hefty $25 million Formula 1 sanctioning fee. What the money won't be spent on, though, is the construction of the track and the event organizers have yet to indicate how they're getting the estimated $250 million they'll need.


Photo Credit: Ricardo Garza/Shutterstock

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Matt Brown

This will go over well with the tea partiers