Formula 1 Coming To... New Jersey?

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In response to overtures made by Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management, Ltd., Jersey City, New Jersey has announced a track layout for the proposed return of the United States Grand Prix. (What? You were expecting Newark?)

Before you ask, yes, this is real. The proposed 3.6-mile circuit is draped over Liberty State Park, east of Ellis Island and roughly one mile from Manhattan. According to the press release, the park was selected because it:

"...would provide the least impact to city functions and the greatest possible space to accommodate ticket holders... with a significant portion [of the park] dedicated to open space, ample viewing facilities can be erected, with the potential to hold the largest spectator audience on record. There are multiple ways to carve out the interior to make the course challenging with tight turns, great straights, plenty of options to place the pits, run-off zones, team facilities, media center, and of course the paddock area."


Reports in the local media suggest that discussion between the (Garden State Grand Prix?) two parties has (Formula Jersey?) been underway (Red Bank Pizza?) for some (Malls, malls, malls!) time and already faced significant civic opposition. Sam Pesin, president of The Friends Board of Trustees, told "Once you have a track there, and especially with the state's finances, there would be such pressure on the state to have regular car racing there. You'd end up having the name changed from Liberty State Park to Liberty Race Track."

Us, we just want the circus back on our shores. Somebody make this happen.

[via GPUpdate and PitPass]