Formula One Champ Jenson Button To Run A Trophy Truck In The Mint 400 and Baja 1000

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Image: Jenson Button on Twitter

My favorite thing is seeing former Formula One champions racing in other disciplines. First it was Kimi Raikkonen trying his hand at NASCAR trucks, then came the big one when Fernando Alonso sat out the Monaco Grand Prix last year to put in a really epic showing at the Indy 500. Well, this week 39-year-old 2009 World Champion Jenson Button announced he’s upping the ante and heading for the deserts of North America.


Just a week after he announced he’d be running an Acura NSX GT3 in the Blancpain Endurance Series, Mister Button shared the news on Twitter that he was teaming up with Rocket Motorsports to run a trophy truck in Nevada’s Mint 400 as well as the famous Baja 1000. Button will team up with and share the race truck with Blancpain Endurance Pro-Am Cup champion Chris Buncombe and Singer Vehicle Design managing director Maz Fawaz.

The Mint 400 is set for early March, and will be a shakedown test for the drivers to get accustomed to their new race rig before the big show in Baja. The Baja 1000 will run in its traditional late November date. 

I, for one, look forward to seeing if Button’s F1 talent translates to the dirt. While Fernando Alonso appears to be ON A MISSION in his post-F1 career, Jenson just looks like he’s trying to have fun and race some cool shit. Either way, I’m 100% here for it.

Don’t forget that Jenson also won the 2018 Japanese Super GT title in a Honda NSX GT500 race car teamed with Naoki Yamamoto. Never forget that. It’s important.

In addition to his behind-the-wheel duties, Button will also join the commentary team for Sky Sports, covering Formula One.



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Jenson Button was a driver I loved to hate during his initial foray into Formula One, mainly because the British media put so much focus on him and he rarely backed it up. But as his career progressed, he developed into my favourite driver. He’ll be a natural as part of the presentation team with Sky.

This might mean we get to see coverage of the Baja on this side of the Atlantic, too, so I’ll be all over that!