If you distilled every joke about Europeans and their fancy-schmancy racin' cars down into one, single video, you'd end up with something like the Formula E Anthem by Nacho Cano.

Like in David Guetta's "Dangerous," disco-ball helmets are A Thing, as are hot pants. Is Europe the world's number one consumer of hot pants? I'm pretty sure hot pants are one of those things like David Hasselhoff's musical career where a disproportionate number of sales go to the EU.

Formula E's actual anthem, however, seems to have been made with about half the budget of Guetta's bizarre nod to Formula One. We've got the most overdramatic and over the top stage performance ever intercut with actual race footage.


The race footage is pretty good, considering Formula E is neat.

The stage performance, um. Um. I don't think they even make dudes' v-necks that low here, even for hipsters.

The song starts out with synthesizers (which Nacho himself takes really seriously), cuts over to an opera singer on the side, and all goes downhill from there.

Of course, models are just hanging around in race helmets outside of the stage performance, too, because they've been permanently attached to their heads. That's how I'm explaining the chin straps not being tight, anyway. They've been glued on. Save the models!


Then, of course, there's the main lyrics. "I want to kiss!" is not really something that big, electrical zap-machines really do for me, but hey, whatever floats your goat. I'm going to sit over here where I'm not getting saliva on an electric car, thanks.

This must be one of those things that seemed like a really good idea to the Europeans, and to absolutely no one else.

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