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Former Storage Wars Star Says Show Is Fake, Producer Paid For Plastic Surgery To Make Cast Member Sexier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Reality shows are the rage these days. All the kids love 'em. It's like a living window into the world of deserted island survival, gold mining, or even finding crap that might be worth something.

But now we're hearing that one of them might be staged and not reality. Say it ain't so!


Dave Hester is a former cast member on A&E's Storage Wars, a show where enterprising folks go around to abandoned self storage units and then bid on the contents. When they open them, sometimes they find treasure — even cars — and other times they find pure crap.

Hester is filing suit against the show because he alleges that the producers would plant expensive items in certain storage lockers in order to raise the drama on the show (you can read the complaint here). During the first season, Hester says that he was asked to put his own valuables in some lockers.


But wait... there's more! He even alleges that A&E paid for one female cast member to have plastic surgery in order to create more "sex appeal." Hester claims he was released from the show after he expressed these concerns in September. Curiously, in September he was also negotiating a new contract and said that he would "walk away" if he didn't get the contract offer he wanted.

A&E has yet to comment.

Photo Credit: AP Images