Illustration for article titled Former Chrysler VP Recreates 1954 Plymouth Showroom In His Garage

Complete with all four body styles offered on the Plymouth Belvedere in 1954, Darrell L. Davis’s 9,000 square foot garage-homage to the '54 Plymouth also includes sales brochures, display racks, banners, signs, order books, sheets of paint samples and upholstery samples. Basically, everything needed to run a successful Plymouth showroom, which was exactly what he was aiming to recreate. Davis, who retired as senior vice president for parts and service at DaimlerChrysler in 2001, passed his driving test in his parent’s ’54 Belvedere and hasn’t looked back, becoming the world’s foremost collector of those models somewhere along the way. In additions to his Belvederes and assorted other cars, Davis owns the very last Plymouth to roll off the production line, a silver Neon, displayed with care alongside a replica of his father’s 1950s Esso filling station. [via] Photography credit: Gary Bogdon for The New York Times


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