Illustration for article titled Forgotten Brand, Forgotten Car: 1929 Oakland All-American Six

Can you imagine a brand marketed above Pontiac and below Buick, Olds and Cadillac? Neither could GM after 1931, but before that Oakland was such a brand. Proving platform prostitution isn't a new idea, this 1929 Oakland All-American Six is basically a badge engineered Pontiac with a fancy interior. The story here isn't really the car though, it's the history. Somewhere around 1949, a mechanic parked this car in his garage, and it sat there ever since. Preserved even in the San Franciso climate, the Oakland is nearly perfect, right down to the velvet on the doors. Make your way over to telstarlogistics and ogle the incredibly clean flathead straight six, completely rustless doors and still intact emergency kit. What a find.

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