Forget The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6, You Need A MUTT

Earlier today I was all about the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. Little did I know that there was a far better contender.

It seems my enthusiasm for the Merc 6x6 — it has six freaking wheels — was a little premature. The MUTT's independent suspension is what gives it the huge advantage. Don't tell that to any Mustang owners....


Baber K. Khan shared a great story about fixing a MUTT. Check it out below:

I am sorry Travis but I had to, those local tribes can still do so much much more better off even with a MUTT. Out millions of advantages, I type one. Independent suspension!

I still remember our MUTT lost one its rear-axle while climbing steep. We were already at 4,000ft. when that happened. We abandoned the vehicle and went up. Later in the night, due to windchill at the top, we decided to switch camp and come down at a lower base. So we stopped by, and the MUTT was owned by a US Marine, so consequently he insisted that one of us support him and he'll mend it there. So I, being the passenger came forward. Now to note that is I am totally crap at mechanicals but the owner guided me and we pulled the front axles, repaired the bearing and inner rings with a small torch, some grease and handy tools from the MUTT, put those front axles at the back and one working from the rear to the front, threw the faulty one in the truck and exclaimed, mentlegen, this may now be 3x4 but push is better then pull and off we went. All this process took about 1-1/2 hour.
This first picture is while four of us were pushing the car to put something in place with precision as the handbrake was taken out, few of the guys thought about doing some light-painting.
This second one, is taken after climbing a while after when we abandoned it.

Here's another without the zoom:

Just after we got to know that we're, well fucked. It won't climb because the lack of push.


He also posted the full story in Oppo. Head over there and check it out.

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