Ford Will Let You Off-Road A Raptor In Their Crazy Raptor Assault Program

Have you ever wanted to hoon the crap out of a 411 hp Ford F-150 Raptor in a 900-acre desert offroading park? You can in the Ford Racing Raptor Assault program. Even if it wasn't your dream before, it probably is now.


Ford is offering three programs beginning next year, ranging from something (lame, for total wussies) that involves having someone else drive you around in a Raptor to the day-long offroading course. You can choose rockcrawling, high speed racing, something called "hot laps," or a combination of all three.

I know what I'd pick.

If Ford was looking for an effective way to get people to want to buy Raptors, I think they may have found it. There's no better way to entice someone into buying a truck with questionable usefulness cred — but unprecedented levels of radness — than by letting that person beat the crap out of it somewhere outside of Salt Lake City. Assault!

Raptor owners get a discount on the course, which isn't exactly cheap. The day-long deal is nearly $1,400. But what were you saving that money for, anyway? A college education or something? This is way more fun.

Photo credit: Ford Racing Raptor Assault

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