Ford Warns Against Nigerian Princes Selling Cheap Fusion Hybrids

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Email scammers are attempting to "phish" for personal information by claiming, erroneously, to be selling the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid for $15,500 through a special government program. Don't send them your information.


According to the FBI, the plot originated in Europe and the email purports to be from a Ford sales manager who is said to be offering these vehicles at below market prices so Ford can "bounce back" on their feet. This probably won't be the last time someone uses the Carpocalypse to scam consumers out of a buck but, if they were smarter, they'd have used GM or Chrysler. We'd totally believe someone was selling Escalade Hybrids for $15K. The statement from Ford below.


An email claiming Ford Motor Company is offering 2010 Fusion Hybrids for $15,000 each as part of a special program is not legitimate. The email sender does not represent Ford and no such program exists. We recommend people receiving the email delete it without opening the attachment.

[Ford, Detroit Free Press]


Rob Emslie

Wow, I didn't get that email. I did get one that said the Fusion Hybrid hadn't seen me in a while, and was missing me. It offered a link to a site with a webcam where I could see it with its hood up, and its trunk open for anything I wanted to put in there.

I was about to click the link, but then the Jensen Healey came into the room, and I had to quickly delete the email. Damn.