Despite all outward appearances, this is about as exciting as creamed corn.

The system can be quickly swapped from a Mustang to an F150 to a competitor car

The touchscreen interface for vehicle simulated makes quick comparisons easy.


Data in aggregate form, the output waveform heard through the headphones. It can be filtered into individual components to determine sources and paths of sound.

A small assortment of parts used for sound tuning. The long tube in the foreground pipes and amplifies sound into the cabin of the 2010 Ford Mustang.


The new Ford F-150 muffler moves from a Tri-Flow design to a pass-through with tuned resonance chambers, they're designed to amplify some frequencies and dissipate others, giving the truck what Ford calls a "muscular" sound.


The design gets so detailed that these little "air ramps" are stamped into the pipe to eliminate a high-speed whistle that was occurring at the joints of the pass through and resonance pipes.

If you ever want to know what a Taurus SHO sounds like naturally, take this part off and plug the hole it came from. It'll probably sound like a vacuum cleaner.