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Ford Verve Concept Unveiled, Hearkens New Fiesta

Illustration for article titled Ford Verve Concept Unveiled, Hearkens New Fiesta

What will Ford Europe's next generation of small cars look like? The company's giving a sneak peak by way of the Verve concept. The company says the subcompact model offers a "significant hint" at the new Fiesta, which will get a new look based on Euro Ford's "kinetic" design language. That's the styling vocab introduced with the company's S-Max and Galaxy vans and the latest Mondeo. The two-door concept will debut at next month's Frankfurt auto show. A few of the Jalops were talking yesterday, and one came up with the idea that Ford Europe should stage a hostile takover of Ford North America. The rest of us couldn't agree more. And just like that, Automotive News reports that Versions of the Fiesta for North America and Asia will go on sale sometime between 2008 and 2010. Hiho!


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Egads, a vehicle that looks like the sketches? Wow Ford, I'm impressed. Just replace the blingtastic chrome rims and I think they have something. Oh yeah, before I forget, looks like the Kuga is being modified for the American market. []