Ford Tourneo Custom Concept: A Fancy Van For Europeans

Illustration for article titled Ford Tourneo Custom Concept: A Fancy Van For Europeans

Look at this image of the Geneva-bound Ford Tourneo Concept once. Mull it over. Then forget it. Unless you live in Europe and you're in the market for a small van it doesn't matter to you. Ford is killing the E-series to replace it with a Transit van, but it's not this one.


Without going into the unnecessary specifics, there are three types of Transit vans in Europe. There's the Transit Connect we both share, the smaller Transit (FWD) and the larger Transit (RWD). The non-Connect vans look identical, but they're not. This vaguely kinetic version is the middle-sized FWD replacement.

We here in the U.S. will get a new version of the massive RWD Transit but it won't look like a more angular Sprinter. Ford's assuring us it'll have the "built Ford tough DNA" we get mimicked on the current E-Series.


The E-Series will be missed. I don't actually mind the Transit Van, but the fact that Ford is globalizing all of their products annoys me; the people that helped to make Detroit into the great industry it once was are more than likely pissed.