Ford to Keep Volvo, Excuse to Travel to Sweden

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Contrary to popular belief, Ford has decided to nix efforts to sell Volvo. According to Mulally "Volvo's a great brand and we want to focus on continuing to position it as a premium brand." Land Rover and Jaguar are still awaiting the same fate as Aston Martin, but Ford just can't quit Volvo. Though Mulally claims this is because Ford is doing better and sees a long-term opportunity for Volvo, some are wondering if the real reason is that the automaker can't find a good buyer. After paying $6.5 billion for the brand just eight years ago it's unclear what price Ford could get for it on the auction block (maybe Wes Welker or Jamal Lewis?). [NY Times]


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Yo Mullallullallullallullallullal..., how 'bout fixin' the flagship brand instead of hoarding and further cheapening others?

By the way, great Escape Hybrid commercial...I really feel for the poor little girl being terrorized by greenie because of her pop's SUV.