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The folks over at Edmunds, who count at least one former Rod & Custom staffer among them, report that Ford is auctioning off the Dearborn Deuce. Now seeing that Hot Rods & Horsepower has constructed a number of Dearborn Deuces in both convertible and three-window coupe variants, it's rather surprising that the number of cars has suddenly been reduced to one. A case of flesh-eating bacteria with a taste for all things ferrous, perhaps? Also, the Dearborn Deuce in question isn't a roadster, per se, it's actually a convertible though it's not a replica of a Deuce Cabriolet. However, if you care, it is autographed by Edsel B. Ford, II. In any event, the bidding starts at a very-reasonable 60k and runs from October 31st to November 10th.

Ford Puts "Dearborn Deuce" Roadster on eBay [Edmunds]

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