Ford Super Duty Truck Production Back On Track By Monday

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After the stoppage of Power Stroke delivery by FoMoCo jilted lover Navistar International, and the subsequent court order demanding both sides hug it out, we've now heard it looks like the two sides of the big Power Stroke struggle can now come together and live again in sin. According to the AP:

"Navistar spokesman Roy Wiley said the company simply wants payment for its goods. "Ford said the plant began operating one shift on March 5, two shifts on Tuesday and is expected to be back at a full three shifts of production on Monday..."Our bottom line is we want to be paid for our engines. They shouldn't be debiting anything," he said. Both sides said the dispute could be settled as soon as Thursday afternoon."


Aww, look at that adorableness. Navistar International and FoMoCo are kissing and making up. Now Navistar can keep Power Stroke's a-coming to FoMoCo so they can sell some Super Duty trucks, and FoMoCo will start paying Navistar for all of her hard work. They're such a happy couple, really they are.

Ford says Super Duty plant will be up to full speed by Monday; Navistar resumes engine supply [AP via Detroit News]

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