Ford Super Duty Helps Momma Bear Save Baby Bear

A bear cub in Anchorage, Alaska managed to get trapped in a salmon net and couldn't get out. Seeing the trouble a local hopped into his Ford Super Duty to help the distraught momma bear get him free.

If Ford didn't arrange this whole video, they should have. Talk about some stellar product placement. (Thanks for the tip Kobolowski Tires)



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If Ted Nugent was driving:

He would have snuck out, and climed a tree within a quarter mile of the bears, then ninja-Nuge his way through the tree tops until he was directly over head.

In the tree, the Nuge would wait, bowie knife in his mouth, for the oppertunity... the right oppertunity.

Then like a great cat, he would jump down and punch the mama bear in the face, then slap her like the bitch she is, knocking her out.

With a now free moment thanks to the sleeping Moma bear and the pussy-brother cub near by, he would have turned to the trapped baby bear, and given it a stern talking to for getting caught in the net before cutting it loose.

Moma would have woken up several hours later, both cubs curled up around her, warmed by the American Flag left as a calling card, with a deep sense of satisfaction for having been bitchslapped by the Nuge.

We should all be so lucky. You say poor Bear, I say poor us.