Ford brought a stealth version of its Police Interceptor to SEMA, sporting blacked-out lenses, a one-inch suspension drop and wider tires. Perfect for undercover work, except for, you know, the chrome-rimmed wheels and bright-red brake calipers.


Ford designer Melvin Betancourt says the inspiration for the stealthy PI was the SR-71 Blackbird, saying "When you think stealth, you think, ‘there, but not there.'"

Outside, every lens is either smoked or painted black; the 22-inch Forgiato wheels are staggered and the various red-and-blue dance lights hidden. The hiding theme continues inside, where the dash has secret compartments for weapons and disguises the police computer.

Assuming there's more sensible footwear on order than the pimp-worthy wheel/brake combo, the stealth PI gives a pretty good idea what an undercover PI might look like when Ford starts building its new cop cars late next year.

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