Ford Retirees Need Their Pensions To Keep Buying Fords

Illustration for article titled Ford Retirees Need Their Pensions To Keep Buying Fords

John Kachigian, a retired Ford employee, has owned 10 Mustangs since 1965, making us wonder if Ford needs to meet pensions obligations merely to keep selling cars. We just need your captions.

As a bonus, here is the real caption that Ford provided. It is a monument to unintentional humor:

NORTHVILLE, MICH.—MAY 2005 John Kachigian, an 83-year-old Ford Motor Company retiree, has owned 10 Mustangs, including three Shelby models, since 1965. He ordered the ‘05, sight unseen, and purchased the first one delivered to a dealership in Ann Arbor, Mich. in 2004. He said, “It made me feel 30 years younger.” The new model Mustang sales are up 25 percent year-to-date, and Ford has recently announced that it is increasing production 70 percent this year to meet the increased demand. Photo by: Ford Photographic/Sam VarnHagen

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Rob Emslie

I haven't worked a day in over thirty years, but I'm still getting' paid. Thanks UAW!