Ford Readies Mustang Cobra Jet Drag Race Package

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Having had some time behind the wheel of a tamer drag Mustang we're floored at the idea of the Cobra Jet Mustang drag package, seen here chewing up the quarter-mile at the Milan Dragway in Michigan. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's another special edition Mustang. But this umpteenth pony variation appears to be a purpose-built drag racing 'Stang powered by the "cobra jet" variation of the 5.4-liter V8 found in the Shelby GT500KR. Further details are lacking, but those tiny tires on the front should indicate the sole purpose of this Mustang.
(Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this) [TechWeasel]

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It's October, so this is definitely appropriate:

You see, a few years ago, I had decided that I'd go over the top - seriously over the top - and sprung for a fan-inflated sumo wrestler suit. Basically it's a lot of peach parachute material kept inflated by a tiny battery operated fan near the waist. Look it up on the interwebs, kids, it's great.

Anyway, so I'm there with my date dressed as a cop (okay small tangent here, but c'mon, cuffs, a uniform, a police baton - tell me this is not the recipe for an amazing night) and we're on our way to pick up a friend in the West Village.

Of course since it's the weekend of (or before) Halloween, there are tons of people out partying and such. So a huge inflated sumo wrestler and hooker-turned-cop doesn't raise eyebrows.

But let me tell you what did:

Suddenly from behind us we hear what amounts to a large group of guys dressed uncreatively as a football team yelling and shouting at two jiggling masses of glittery polyester and nylon running towards us. Gracefully we stepped to the side, to see two guys dressed in drag running like hell in their ridiculously oversized clown-high-heels. The football team running after them, and under the streetlights we could see the shiny remnants of egg on a few of their jerseys and faces.

The pair in drag run by a homeless guy and steal his shopping cart, flinging the bag of cans and bottles out as one hops in the cart and the other starts to push. Gaining speed, they barrel down the street, a clean getaway, save for the fact they hit a crack in the pavement, spin out into traffic, and spill out in a spectacular crash.

The football team, still running, quickly engulfed the crash scene.

My date turns to me and says, "so that's why drag races suck."

Yes, my officer-escort, that's just one reason.