Ford Performance Vehicles F6 E Concept: Aussie Awesome Goes Stealth

Just as we're coming down from the twin-turbocharged high of the 365 HP Ford Taurus SHO, Ford of Australia goes and crushes our pride with the 415 HP FPV F6 E Concept. USA? USA? USA?


The Ford Performance Vehicles F6 E Concept is more than just a concept, it's planned for production with a sale price of $78,190 AUD or about $50,550 in US play money. What you'll get for your Aussie dollar is a walloping 415 HP, 416 lb-ft, turbocharged, 4.0 liter inline six cylinder running the rear wheels through a Sequential Sports Shift six speed automatic transmission. Binders gets upgraded with Brembos fitted hiding beneath 19 inch wheels and styling gets a few other subtle upgrades. Just for the record, it gets about 20 MPG. Compared to most FPV-tuned Fords this is also one sleeper sedan.

Seriously, Australia, why can't you let us have like, a month to bask in the notion of an awesome, full sized American sedan without rubbing our noses in your unmitigated stream of unbelievable sedan supercars? Noooo, can't have that can you? If you keep this up we'll steal even more of your attractive actors and actresses.


Australia, sometimes you really get on our nerves. [World Car Fans]

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