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Ford Is Putting A Mustang On The Empire State Building — Again!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Of all the Motor Companies, the Ford Motor Company is the 0ne that most seems to enjoy putting cars on top of skyscrapers. They did it in 1965, and now they're doing it again with the 2015 Ford Mustang next month.


USA Today reports that Ford is set to put the new 'Stang on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in April, just in time for the New York Auto Show. If you go to the top of the building on April 16 and 17, you'll be able to see it up there.

How does Ford plan to get it up there? Well, if I were in charge, I'd drop it out of a plane with a parachute attached to its roof until it gently lands on the deck. (This may take some trial and error, New York, so watch your heads for a couple of days.)


But Ford keeps telling me they aren't interested in my ideas, so instead, they'll take the Mustang apart and reassemble it up top. They'll take the Mustang up an elevator in pieces and put it back together for display on the 86th floor.

Don't worry, Ford has famously done this before with the first Mustang. In 1965 they stuck a Mustang atop the skyscraper around the time it was the hottest-selling car in America. Many people assumed it was lifted there by helicopter, but like the new car, it too was disassembled and reassembled after an elevator trip. It stayed up there for five whole months until March 1966.


If you're in New York next month, this may be worth checking out.

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