Ford Is Planning A Rear-Wheel Drive Hybrid: Will It Be F-150 Or Mustang?

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Ford is officially hiring a "Rear Wheel Drive Hybrid Systems Engineer, Hybrid Vehicle Team." Of all the applications I could see for a rear-drive hybrid in Ford's lineup, a lightweight pickup truck seems to be the most likely. But there are certainly other directions they could go with the technology.


We're basing our speculation on this job posting (see here also):

A Mustang Hybrid is certainly a possibility, and I suppose this could be a play to pair a hybrid RWD system into a front-wheel-drive Edge or Explorer to make either of those models Hybrid AWD.

I can't imagine a Hybrid Expedition being rear-drive only, and the crossover idea seems a little convoluted.


As for the pony car, I'm just not convinced that makes as much sense as a Hybrid F-150. The Mustang is already capable of impressive fuel economy, and I'm having trouble seeing a lot of commonalities between hybrid customers and Mustang customers.


The truck on the other hand, is already being marketed hard as an efficiency leader despite Ford's reluctance to report fuel economy estimates. Not everyone who buys a truck needs excessive power or wants the fuel bill. Fleet customers, for instance, would probably jump all over an F-150 hybrid if it could carry just enough to meet their needs. I can already imagine them running building supplies, auto parts, and just about anything else in electric mode all over American cities.


And now, there's this:


We'll be watching this one closely. What's your prediction on what Ford's new Rear Wheel Drive Hybrid Systems Engineer will be doing when the come on board?

Image: Andrew P. Collins (Graphics: Ford, Duracell)

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