Ford Is Building A 700 HP Supercharged Mustang R-Spec For Australia

Image: Ford

It’s hardly a secret that the Aussies love their fast Fords. And while the Barra-powered monsters might be gone from the world these days, there are plenty of options for big power with good ol’ fashioned Blue Oval V8s. To make up for the lack of Aussie-built FPV goodness, Ford Australia is bringing this Grabber Lime 700-horsepower supercharged madness, dubbed Mustang R-Spec, to 500 folks.

Because Ford doesn’t exactly build cars in the Antipodes anymore, the RHD Mustang GTs are delivered to Herrod Performance for a thorough going-through, including a full catalog’s worth of Ford Performance components.


First on the upgrades list is a Ford-sanctioned Roush supercharger, which bumps the output of the 5-liter V8 to 700 horses and 610 torques. To make this visually loud machine audibly louder, the car is also fitted with a performance active exhaust. Every R-Spec will be fitted with Ford Performance magnetic dampers, a set of lowering springs, adjustable anti-roll bars, and a set of Michelin PS4S tires.

While the R-Spec won’t be available in the U.S. market, and will only officially be built in right-hand drive configuration, all of these parts are available from Ford Performance, and you could add them to any LHD Mustang GT. All it takes is money, right?


If this shouty lime color isn’t your cup of tea, you can also order your R-Spec in orange, white, and blue. From the outside, you can tell the R-Spec from a standard Mustang GT by its comprehensive stripe package, and a subtle R-Spec badge on the back. You’d probably notice the difference much easier from behind the steering wheel, I’d imagine.


This isn’t anything like the upcoming GT500, but if you just can’t wait for the new Super ‘Stang to arrive in Oz, there’s always the option to R-Spec. Considering it will cost about $99,980 in AUD, which is about $67,500 in current USD exchange rates, this should come in a few thousand dollars less expensive than the GT500 anyway.


There’s also the possibility that the GT500 won’t make it to Australia. It’s already been dropped from the euro market. This might be Australia’s only fast pony option!


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