We just got back from beating the snot out of Ford's new 2011 Super Duty. While we can't talk about the 735 lb-ft Powerstroke diesel's performance, we can tell you about this monster, the second not-for-sale "Hoss" Super Duty.


The Hoss is basically a skunk-works truck built to showcase what the Super Duty can be built into. The first version was built with the 2008 model year truck and this one basically robs all the parts from it. The high-approach angle bumpers and winch, bed-mounted spare and BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A's really change the truck's attitude. Ford's using it this week during the Super Duty first drive event, which was totally fun by the way, as a support vehicle to pull trucks off rocks or out of mud holes. There aren't any plans to build the truck like this from the factory, but everything is available on the aftermarket so you can have a Hoss if you like the look. Since the drive impressions are embargoed, we'll be telling you all about the new Super Duty just past midnight on Monday morning. Until then, Hosstastic.

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