Ford GT Has A Gearbox Problem Before Le Mans Even Starts

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

One of the most-watched cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year encountered problems before the race even began. The No. 67 Ford GT—one of four Ford GTs at the race—didn’t get to take advantage of its fourth-place starting position in LM GTE Pro due to a gearbox pressure issue.

The No. 67 lost time at the very start of the race fixing the issue in their garage, which, fortunately for them, meant that they only sat out a few laps circulating under the safety car.


The car was fixed shortly after the start, and first driver Andy Priaulx starts two laps down.

Will the other GTs be up to the task after the race organizers slowed them down? We’ll see over the next twenty four and a half hours!

Conditions remain wet, and the safety car that started the race has not gone into the pits yet. Crews bringing out intermediate tires, however, give a little hope that the race will go green soon.

UPDATE: A Brembo engineer working with the Ford GT team who spoke with our watch party said that he wasn’t sure if the issue was with the gearbox itself or a system related to the gearbox. The team, of course, is keeping the precise issue somewhat under wraps.


Speaking of the Jalopnik LeManstravaganza watch party, you should be here. If you’re in New York City today, come on down. We’ll be here for an entire day!


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