Ford Fusion Gets Its Second Recall In A Week

Supermodels look great, but are a pain to deal with... Or so I imagine since I've never met one.

The Ford Fusion looks great, but is a pain to deal with. And we have proof: It's getting recalled for the second time in a week. That has to be some sort of record.


This time, the Fusion is going back into the shop because the reflectors in the headlamps become hazy over time and reduce brightness. That's not positive.

About 19,000 cars are impacted. This is in addition to the recall issued earlier this week that was due to fluid leaks that could result in fiery death.

Ford says that the recalls show they "move quickly to take care of safety problems." Maybe if they moved a bit slower in the first place they wouldn't have to recall the cars at all.

(Hat Tip to @justinhyde!)

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