Ford Focus RS Tops Nissan GT-R In "Real World" Test

Illustration for article titled Ford Focus RS Tops Nissan GT-R In Real World Test

Autocar pits the beloved Ford Focus RS against the ferocious Nissan GT-R on real world roads, where the RS would actually have a chance against Godzilla. The result? They'd rather have the RS.


The Focus RS is no match for the GT-R on The 'Ring, where the massive power and sophisticated AWD setup gives the Nissan a clear advantage over the FWD, 300 HP Ford. Take the two out to some wonderful back roads in the English countryside and it's a slightly different story. Whereas the GT-R is all about the controlled distribution of force, the Focus RS is all about confident fun. As a real world daily driver on narrow roads with steep drop-offs and few long straights, the Focus RS wins out in terms of experience. [Autocar]

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engineerd - Jalopnik Poet Laureate

This is tantamount to comparing a surgeon to a whore.

The GT-R is a relatively expensive near-supercar and the RS is a relatively inexpensive hot hatch. The GT-R, for all it's performance and technology, is still a sterile Japanese interpretation of the supercar. The Focus RS, having been designed and built in Europe, is all about fun, feeling and emotion.