Sure, Audi and Hyundai may have dropped millions of dollars on fancy-pants marketing for the Super Bowl, but the real commercial winner is Ford, who launched its part-orchestra TV spot on the other side of the pond today. Yes, the same one I told you about last week.

It may have not cost millions upon millions to produce, but it's a hell of a lot more creative and unique than some of its competition. For a refresher, Craig Richey and Bill Bilbrodt turned 21 parts from a Ford Focus into 31 different musical instruments. A professional orchestra then learned the new instruments and played a tune for this commercial spot. Yeah, no kidding—they really played music on repurposed hunks of a Focus! "Beautifully arranged" is the tagline. Accurate, orchestrally if not necessarily automotively. The composition itself worries us a bit. It's a kind of morose riff on Yann Tiersen (of Amélie fame), and it sounds sort of like how Ford must be feeling these days.[Crave]