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New Ford Fiesta Overshadowed By Funky Dancing Robot DJ At Its Own Party

Via Ford’s livestream.

Ford introduced the all-new 2018 Ford Fiesta in a big warehouse they disguised as a club in Germany, so naturally they invited a production-line robot to come disk jockey the launch party.

Look at “Yumi” go! (I think that’s how you spell Yumi). I guess you could say the room full of critics were raving at the mad beats. What a killer fiesta to kick things off for the next generation of fun-sized hot hatches.


The Fiesta is pretty cool, too. There’s now a crossover version, a new “ST-Line” that looks sportier but isn’t actually an ST, a more luxurious line which may or may not be European only, and then of course the simple but effective normal-ass Fiesta. Details on the next generation of the ST will be revealed later.

I hope Yumi the record-scratching production line robot is there to keep the party going.

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Great, so they make the fiesta in Mexico, and now robots are trying to take over the jobs of hard working DJs. What is this world coming to? How un-American!