Ford Execs Compare Current Taurus To...Homer Simpson?!

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It was almost a year ago today that we stood in a meeting room at McCormick Place in Chicago and listened to Mark Fields go on and on about how big of a deal renaming the Ford Five Hundred the Ford Taurus was going to be. And then they sold 20% less in 2007 than they did in 2006. But they're ready to admit they made a mistake. And what's the carefully orchestrated way that they share this information? In a big meeting CEO Alan Mullaly and product chief Derrick Kuzak compared the Five Hundred (which they're still going to be trying to sell for a while) to Homer Simpson and showed a slide of Homer Simpson over the the current generation Taurus. Unfortunately, they pulled the slide of Homer Simpson over the Taurus from their website. (ANYONE WHO HAS THE SLIDE AND EMAILS IT TO US GETS A PRIZE!)


Why do something so seemingly stupid? Something so Homer Simpsonesque? If you're going to convince people that you're a company that's embracing change, you have to pretend to be candid. In addition to dismissing the current Taurus, Alan Mullaly and Derrick Kuzak said the next Taurus is going to be awesome. Said Mullaly: "The new Taurus that you're going to see in the next year or so is the one we should have made originally. It is just fabulous." We can't wait. [AP via MSNBC]

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@sos10: Nope, not stuck in the 80's, but the car companies have to change some components before they come to this country now. There is still a bumper standard of 2.5mph, and the NHTSA tests to see if they still pass that standard. The headlamps used in Europe also don't pass the NHTSA standards, as they are too bright for the non HID lamps, and they have to lower the cutoff for the HID units. Tail Lamps are also a bit different, and has to deal with how bright they are, and the correct color of the lamp itself. Canada has adopted the EEC standards for motor vehicles, but we still insist that all vehicles conform to our standards, even if they are not as good as the countries they come from.

@ranwhenparked: This would mean that Ford needs to set up a newer production facility, at a time in which they are closing plants. The Fusion (and clones) are built in Mexico, so production costs are a lot less than here in the US, yet they still charge close to Camry and Accord money. If Ford wants to build a Mondeo here, it would have to be built in a developing country, so that they can make a decent profit margin, after all of the rebates are played out. You will probably see a Mondeo Derivative during the next cycle, built in either China, or India, imported into the US, and sold for the same money as one of their "asian" competitors.