Ford Enters 2014 Dakar Rally With Wonderful Mustang-Powered Rangers

We don't get the Ford Ranger in America because there is absolutely no reason anyone would need a small pickup truck in this country. Now Ford is taking it to the most grueling rally in the world. And they're shoving a V8 under the hood.

The two Rangers of the factory Ford effort in the rally will have Mustang V8s under the hood. The 5.0s will make 348 horsepower and 412 pound feet of torque. That's less horsepower than normal because the engines have been tuned to have gobs and gobs of low end torque.


Ford threw in a six-speed sequential box, but ratios are short and the truck still weighs a lot, so top speed is 105. That should be plenty for flying across the deserts of South America.

But the best part is how cool the trucks look. It's the Ranger you've always wanted.

You can see the trucks next January when Dakar sets off from Argentina.

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