Ford Disses New Honda Accord Over Inability To Swallow A Giant Flatscreen TV

Sometime in the mid-90s, the fold-down rear seat became a standard option on sedans. But there's been a problem with ever since. Car manufacturers have insisted on making the pass-through hole tiny — not even the full width of the trunk.

At last, someone has built a sedan where the fold-down rear seat pass-through isn't merely an unusable afterthought. Watch this guy stuff a 47-inch flatscreen TV into a 2013 Ford Fusion and remember all of the struggles you've had trying to get things through that tiny hole in your own sedan's back seat.


We've driven both the Fusion and the new Accord and found both to be massive improvements on their outgoing models, but if you make car-buying decisions solely on whether or not it'll fit a flatscreen TV in the truck it's clear which sedan you should buy. Also, if you're constantly buying flatscreen TVs we recommend you get a better tether for your Wiimote.

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Has anyone ever tried to explain why Americans don't like wagons?

I get that they aren't offered because they don't sell. But why don't they sell?