Ford Dealers Struggling With Excess Truck Inventory?

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Reuters is reporting Ford's second-largest Ford dealer, Group 1 Automotive

"is struggling to lower its inventory of the No. 2 U.S. automaker's vehicles following the dramatic slide in sales of Ford F-Series pickup trucks...the company had 113 days' supply of Ford vehicles at the end of the fourth quarter, far higher than the 97 days' supply of vehicles from General Motors or 68 days' supply of DaimlerChrysler..."


Doesn't sound like things are getting much better after January's 19% decline in sales, and probably doesn't bode well for the rest of FoMoCo's dealers. Is it time for a new Way Forward(TM)...again? We dunno — but we do know if FoMoCo doesn't do something quickly, it'll have the American Revolution's new truck nipping at its heels, singing "Our Country" as it takes over the top truck spot.

Key Ford dealer Group 1 struggles to cut inventory [Reuters via GMInsideNews]

Ford's Failing Report Card: Automaker Grounded, Not Allowed Out To Play?; The Detroit Free Press Wants To Hear Ford Workers Cry [internal]


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this isnt really surprising... the GMT900 silverado/sierra has really caught up with the F150, which is like 3 years old now, and theres prolly less diehard american truckers who will swing for that new tundra... and theres always the ram... i guess...