Ford Could Be Cooking up a Racy Le Mans-Inspired Version of the Ford GT

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Image for article titled Ford Could Be Cooking up a Racy Le Mans-Inspired Version of the Ford GT
Photo: Ford

Over four years since the Ford GT was first revealed, Ford is coming up with something new for it. The details are scarce, but you can see from the teaser photo above that it appears to have a giant, Le Mans-style rear wing, big enough to eat a turkey off of.

Ford’s official announcement will be made at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, according to a press release. The company has said nothing more than it’s making a “special Ford GT supercar announcement” at that time.


Which means it’s now time to speculate.

Personally, I think it’s going to be some kind of race-inspired, exclusive and special-edition Ford GT. Because the regular one wasn’t exclusive enough, there needs to be an even more special one. I brightened up the above photo as best I could, and I really do believe it’s going be something street-legal, as it has headlights and isn’t quite low enough to be yet another race car.


Eagle-eyed friend-of-the-site Bozi Tatarevic put the photo side-by-side with a regular GT in this Twitter thread.


The mystery car doesn’t seem to be much lower (it’d be pretty hard to get much lower than a standard GT for a road car, anyway). But there does appear to be a roof-scoop on the teaser photo.


So, the thing could very well be some kind of Le Mans-inspired road car. The GT3RS of Ford GTs.

We’ll find out more next month.