Ford Chairman: People Suck At Driving So We Won't Let Them Fly

Image: Need For Speed
Image: Need For Speed

You won’t be getting a flying car in two years, and you definitely won’t be getting one from Ford anytime remotely soon. Why? Because chairman Bill Ford knows how much people suck at driving. At least he’s honest.


Speaking at a conference during the South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas this week, the Ford chairman admitted he was interested in the prospect of personalized flight, but didn’t think we should just hand over the wheel-joystick thing to people. Here’s Ford’s response to being asked about his company developing flying cars, via Business Insider:

“We’re not, but it’s not so crazy. Although I would say they had better be autonomous. Most people can’t drive two dimensions. let alone three.

“There are entrepreneurs who are working on flying vehicles. I haven’t been in one, but seen a test of one. And they are technically going to be very possible.

“But go back to automation. Think about today, planes, which you to take off and land at the airport, which eliminates 99% of their usefulness. You have to be a licensed pilot. Well, how many of those are there?

“But in time, regulations change and these things start to become more interesting. So I wouldn’t say never for us, but not in the short term for us.”

He’s not wrong! As cool as I think it’d be to go for a fly through the countryside, and as I excited I am at the prospect of bringing the Mustang name back to an aircraft, I know just how imperfect I am, and just how bad everybody else is when it comes to operating normal cars.

Of course there’s way more space to play around up there... but that just means there will be people playing around up there! What happens when the flying Mustang driver exclaims ‘watch this!’? That’s terrifying!

I support the argument that anything over my head should be in the hands of either a trained professional or some sort of computer wizardry. However, I will never be excited about the prospect of the ride home after a bar crawl in a small enclosure not only traveling left, right, forward, and backward, but also up and down. I hope the interiors are easy to clean.

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“We’re not, but it’s not so crazy. Although I would say they had better be autonomous. Most people can’t drive two dimensions. let alone three.” - Bill Ford

Holy shit! He sounds just like me!

“If people can barely operate vehicles in two dimensions or program vehicles to operate in two dimensions, what makes it logical to conclude that it’ll work in three dimensions?” - Me